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Frequently Asked Questions


The entry process can only be completed on our site from now until the end of the day October 8, 2013. Late entries MAY be accepted at DOUBLE the cost. If you have problems registering electronically, please contact us via our contact page. If you want us to call you, please include your phone number and brief description of your problem.

Where can I find the information I need to enter?

Please review all information in the "Competitor" or "Registration" area of

What if I miss the entry deadline?

If you are a late entry, after midnight, October 8, 2013 you will be placed on the WAITLIST. At that point you will only be charged IF you are accepted. Many of our events fill up to capacity very quickly. To avoid disappointment, don't delay.

What if I have questions during the registration process?

Please go to our contact page and make sure to select the correct group to contact. You can reach our contact page right here.

How does the INDIVIDUAL waiver process work?

Each individual competitor, who registers himself or herself, can complete the waiver DURING the registration process. If you are registering a single or boat for yourself, you do NOT need to do anything else.

How does the TEAM waiver process work?

Step One: Inform your team! All coaches and team representative will be responsible for informing team members to fill out a waiver online. (All competitors who are under 18 must have their online waiver completed by their parent and/or legal guardian).

Step Two: Sign your waiver! All competitors on a team who are participating MUST fill out a waiver on line. Details to come when registration opens on May 1, 2013.

Step Three: Check your waiver! All coaches and competitors will be able to check to see if they correctly signed their waiver. Details to come.

How can I make sure my coach and the regatta are informed that I have signed my waiver?

During the waiver application, please make sure to provide your coach's contact information and select the correct team. By doing this, your name will be automatically included on your coaches team roster!

Okay, I'm ready to make my entry application online. What are the steps?

Go to our registration page and follow all the steps for making an entry. Please supply ALL the information requested. You can pay online or you can mail a signed and currently dated check for the full amount due, in US dollars.

How many events can I row in as an individual?

Rowers will be allowed to row in multiple events this year. HOWEVER, it is the responsibility of the registrant to make sure there will be ample time between events for rowers to make it on time. NO EVENT WILL BE HELD FOR LATE BOATS and DOUBLE ROWING WILL NOT BE AN ACCEPTABLE REASON TO BE LATE!

Remember, if you are a scholastic rower (or coxswain) you must only row in scholastic events. We have a range of scholastic sweep and sculling events, from singles through to eights. No individual can represent more than one organization in the regatta.

How many events can an organization enter in the HOS?

There is no limit to the number of entries an organization (school, college or club) can enter overall. However, the regatta committee reserves the right to balance the number of entries if, in its judgment, a particular event is exceeding full capacity.

Attending the Regatta:

How can I get a Vehicle ID Tag?

In Mid October we will mail a confirmation to all boats whose entries are accepted into the regatta. In the confirmation package we will include an appropriate, but limited, number of HOSR vehicle identification tags according to a formula we have developed. Do not give away your tag(s). We will not give you replacements. For more information, go to the HOSR web site, and select Traffic and Parking.

What if my parents and friends want to come and watch the races? How do they get there, and where can they park?

On race day, traffic not admitted to the restricted area will be diverted according to the plan outlined on the location map. This includes all spectator vehicles and all vehicles heading for the off-site parking areas. To view and download the location map, CLICK HERE (Maps are under Travel/Maps on the navigation bar).

On race day, parents, friends and spectators will be able to access several off-site parking areas directly from the diversion, which operates in both directions.

How will I get to the races from off-site parking and various parts of Kelly Drive?

On race day, free shuttle buses will operate continuously in a counter-clockwise direction throughout the loop depicted on the location map. All regatta participants, competitive and non-competitive, may utilize the shuttle. The shuttle bus stops are shown on the on-site parking areas map.

Where is the best place to watch the races?

The best place to watch your favorite crew and enjoy the fun is at the Three Angels Statues, the site of our regatta festival featuring vendors, food, music, awards ceremonies and lots of fun.

How will I know the times of the races?

Keepsake program books will be sold at the information booth located directly inside the festival tent. You can also find the race schedule on line at under the Competitors tab.

Where will I find race results?

Race results will be posted at the Finish Line (on Boathouse Row), in the Festival Tent (Three Angels Statues) and at the Canoe Club (St. Joe's Boathouse).

Results will also be available through our QR code on the cover of the Program Book.

You can also download results in real time by clicking on the Results tab at and following the instructions. Be aware, however, that all results are provisional, may change and be updated as reported penalties and other issues are investigated, and may not be declared final until after the regatta.